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Ocean, sunbathing and vitamins

Fresh air, locally-grown fruits and vegetables, and the amazing views of the Pacific Ocean are awaiting you… Think California living, but much cheaper. Good health and a great mood are guaranteed for you and your baby.

Excellent maternity clinics

Quality of private clinics in Chile are North American-level, but much cheaper. And you are guaranteed to experience a very warm Latin attitude towards pregnant women and children in clinics and everywhere else.

Great prices in private clinics in Chile

Compare prices in maternity hospitals:
USA: 8,000 – 18,000 $
Canada: 7,000 – 14,000 $
Chile: as low as $4,200 (in a private clinic by the ocean).

Support begins even before your arrival

Our help is all-encompassing

We will help you in every aspect of your stay in Chile: from how to fill the customs declaration form correctly at your arrival, accompanying you during the delivery and to obtaining your child’s Chilean citizenship

Complement your visit and indulge yourself

By traveling to unique places – ever dreamed of going to Easter Island or visiting a thermal spring on the side of a volcano? 
By taking Spanish courses. By doing photo sessions before and after the birth. And much, much more.

Want to have a natural birth?

We work with local experts specializing in natural birth and home birth. If you want to have a natural birth in the clinic or at home, we can help!

Why second citizenship from Chile?

Visa-free entry

Americans, Canadians, Australians, Europeans, etc. can enter Chile for up to 180 days without a visa. No questions to answer or fees to pay. (Australians need to pay a $100 reciprocity fee at the airport)

The 6th best passport in the world for travel

The Sovereign Man ranks Chilean passport as a travel document higher than American or Canadian

Visa-free to the entire world

Chile is the only country in Latin America that provides visa-free access to both the US and Canada in addition to the UK, European Union, Japan, Russia, etc.

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